Introduction to Roulette

You just cannot imagine a casino without roulette tables, as roulette is one of the most exciting games played in casinos. The mention of roulette triggers scenes from the famous James Bond movies. Roulette is considered a fashionable game played in casinos. The roulette wheel is considered a piece of art and has a heavy round highly polished wooden frame.

In it is a precisely balanced metal wheel, which has 38 numbered slots colored alternately in red and white. The numbers of the slots are numbered from 1 to 36, and two slots are numbered 0 and double 00. The numbers of the roulette wheel are not randomly placed, but follow a standard pattern that is followed by roulette makers. The heaviest roulette wheel ever made is said to weigh almost a ton.

The roulette wheel is placed on a table, and is handled by a ‘croupier’ who is the dealer. Players place their bets on the numbers that are written on a green cloth, spread on the table next to the roulette wheel. When all the bets are placed, the croupier spins the roulette wheel and drops an ivory or metal ball on the inner edge of the wooden rim, and spins it in the opposite direction. The excitement of the players mounts as the wheel slows down, and the ball drops into a numbered slot on the roulette wheel. The game is over when the roulette wheel stops spinning.

The reason being, that the ball may jump during play from one numbered slot to another. When the wheel finally stops, the player or players, who placed bets on the winning number, are paid by the croupier.

Roulette is a riveting and exciting game that players spend hours betting on their lucky numbers and hoping to win. Fortunes have been made and lost at the roulette table. A lot of controversy surrounds the origins of roulette that has become a well known casino game.

Now you can play online roulette on the Internet. I personally love playing roulette, and although I prefer playing in a real casino, I am hooked onto online casino roulette. It’s an easy to learn and simple to play game, and you can feel your blood rushing as the croupier spins the roulette wheel and spins the ball in the opposite direction on the wedged edge of the roulette.


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