Online Slots Rewards – Comps, Perks & Slots Gifts

One of the main questions that we hear from our fans from month to month has to do with player loyalty bonuses, comps, and perks at the various online casinos throughout cyberspace, and it seems like lately we’ve been seeing a lot of angry slot machine players for some reason as well. Although each of their questions and circumstances vary, the general theme usually goes something like this-I was wondering if online casinos really give players free stuff like iPods and complimentary vacations. The one I’m playing at now hasn’t given me anything so far and I play slots there every day; what am I doing wrong?

Here’s our problem; there’s no way to answer that question because we have no idea where this person is gambling. There are dozens of great slots websites like Casino Titan that give away all kinds of comps and perks to their loyal members, but there are also thousands of online casinos that do not. If we were to tell you, “Yes, online casinos give away free stuff every day,” then you’re very likely to end up at one of those scam websites where you’ll not only get denied for freebies, but you may also end up being a victim of identity theft.

Instead of putting you through all of that hassle, we decided that it would be easier to give our readers a couple of quick do’s and don’ts when it comes to online gambling and online slots rewards.

Do not pick an online casino at random from the search engines, because it is estimated that for every one safe, secure gaming website in cyberspace, there are nine that are either fraudulent, missing security protocols, or have horrible customer service. Do pick up the telephone and call an online casino before you place your first wager with them. If you’re interested in freebies, perks, and loyalty rewards, be sure to mention that to the customer service agent before hanging up. Do not assume that offers and promotions are always legitimate. Read the fine print to make sure you know what you’re signing up for. Do study each online casino’s player loyalty system and learn how it works before you place your first wager. An example of a great VIP loyalty system where players receive all kinds of comps and goodies can be found at Casino Titan or Win Palace

Do not pick a slot machine based on the graphics alone. Online slots rewards come from placing several consecutive bets, which means that if you do not understand the overall odds or how to win then you’re never going to qualify for anything. Do pick slot machines that offer some type of bonus rounds, free spins, or mini jackpots. The best machines usually incorporate aspects of all three. Do not bounce from casino to casino hoping to get lucky at one of them. Professional slots players will tell you that loyalty rewards for playing at one casino can often outweigh any short-term winnings you get from bouncing around. Do play the same slot machine every time after you select a favorite. Even though slot machines are completely random at legitimate sites like Casino Titan or Win Palace, you’ll still notice patterns from time to time that will help you increase your winnings. Do start your online gambling search at Casino Titan or WinPalace because they currently have the most promotions and giveaways in the entire industry. It will also help you know what to look for in the future when reviewing a new gambling site.


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