PokerRooms Grand Reopening is officially reopening after nearly a three year hiatus. The same great features that players had grown to love over the first decade of play on the are available once again to players from all over (except US players cannot play real cash poker games).

Since its opening in 1999, PokerRoom became one of the most popular and best run online poker websites. It grew a large member base and players really enjoyed its features, graphics, community forums, and of course different types of real cash poker games. When PokerRoom closed in 2009, due to a decreasing audience in America, many members were forced to bring their online gambling business to other websites. Now that the Poker Room has reopened its site of virtual tables to online players, people can start to bring their business back to the Poker Room.

The reopening of PokerRoom is truly a huge deal in the industry. It was one of the very first online poker websites and offers users features, tournaments, and games that other similar online poker sites simply did not have. For example, back in the day, players who wanted to play five card stud in an US poker room basically had to go to PokerRoom to play. Once that PokerRoom closed, that option became scarcer. The reopening of Poker Room has brought this classic poker game back to players who want to play.

Online players have employees at the company Bwin to thank for the return of PokerRoom. The reopening was sparked by some of the employees at the Swedish online gaming company suggested that PokerRoom could once again became the premiere destination for online poker players who wanted to test their luck and skill in online cash poker games.

The variety of game options, user friendly experience and sense of community that was established at PokerRoom prior to its closing is sure to bring back players. The buzz surrounding this move is all over the Internet and players will be filling tables once again on over the upcoming weeks and months.


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