VIP Rewards Programs for Jet Setters

We realize that our website caters to a wide variety of readers that encompass almost every income level on the chart; that’s why we post plenty of information on different techniques when it comes to raking in some sweet VIP loyalty rewards. In this article, however, we’re going to break our own rules to give a little advice solely to our high rollers and the guys who consider the entire planet their playground. What can a VIP program possibly give those whales that they do not already have? Read and find out.

Personalized Service

Some of our more distinguished readers have accustomed themselves to a certain kind of service whenever they visit a great restaurant or an exclusive event, and casinos spend a ridiculous amount of money every year training their staff to provide that same level of service whenever a high roller places an inquiry. Now, this may sound trivial to some but the old motto is definitely true in this instance- good help is certainly hard to find.

Honestly, the customer service at leading casinos may be the largest benefit that VIP gamblers can receive, because that type of service can not often be purchased by any other means. Do you want to see a sold-out show that starts in ten minutes halfway across town? No problem; your VIP representative will not only take care of it, they’ll make it look easy

Customized Rewards

Once players reach a certain gambling tier, the rulebooks when it comes to VIP rewards go straight out the window. Instead of insulting you by offering a free MP3 player or some other garbage, many quality establishments will simply say, “What can we do for you to make your stay more enjoyable?” In case some of you are wondering, there is almost no limit to that type of offer. If you want Wayne Newton to stop by your room for coffee after his show then it can definitely be arranged, or if you want a private jet to take you to dinner in New York then that’s certainly possible as well. High rollers get to name their rewards without any restrictions whatsoever, so do not be afraid to ask.

Guest Privileges

Now, sending a friend or an employee on vacation to a gambling town may not sound like a big deal all by itself, but the guest privileges that come with VIP rewards are usually first class treatment all the way. That means anyone you name will be treated as if they were one of the casino’s biggest clients and your guest will have every benefit that you usually enjoy while traveling the world.

So, how does that benefit you? Well, directly it may not, but a free VIP weekend in Vegas would be considered a life-changing event for friends and relatives that are not used to that kind of lifestyle. All you have to do is pick up the phone and make the request; everything else will be handled on your behalf all the way down to getting your guest’s luggage to the airport on time. Even though you’re getting little from the experience, you’ve just become the coolest boss/relative/friend on the planet for those around you.